Hardwood Floors

Trailboss Solutions offers a full range of expert hardwood flooring services from installation and finishing of new floors to sanding and refinishing of your existing floors. Installing new wood flooring is the best option for a custom look and long last beauty. Few other flooring materials can match the durability, adaptability, and unique traits of wood. Custom inlays, borders, and medallions are available to make your home unique.

Hardwood Flooring—Procedure

  • Preparation: Before work begins; base trim, all furnishings and old flooring must be removed. Typically cabinets, doors and heating registers remain in place. Before installation, the wood should be allowed to acclimatize in the home for several days to equalize temperature and humidity.
  • Installation: Be advised that installation is noisy and disruptive, requiring compressors, nail guns, and saws. Dust and debris are kept to a minimum by extensive masking, good housekeeping techniques and minimizing traffic through other areas.
  • Recoating: If the finish on your current wood floor has not worn through, recoating could be an option to restore its durability and beauty. A screen and recoat prepares the floor by abrading the surface of the existing finish to ensure a good bond to the new finish. This process is less expensive and faster than a full re-sand, but this option is only appropriate if your floor has minor surface scratches with no stains or waxes, or a dulled surface.
  • Sanding/Refinishing: Floors that have been worn or damaged beyond what a recoat can repair require refinishing. This involves removal of all finish, stain, and scratches, filling gaps, re-staining, and recoating. New floors need to be sanded flat, gaps filled, and sanded again to smooth the floor and remove excess filler. Staining and coating generally require several days, depending on humidity, temperature, and floor size. Once the final finish coat has been applied, you should wait 12 to 24 hours before subjecting your floor to light foot traffic, and 72 hours for heavy traffic.

Hardwood Flooring—Products

Trailboss Solutions uses only the highest quality BonaKemi wood floor stains to achieve premium results. Bona stains and finishes are found world wide and used on famous floors such as Westminster Cathedral, Nike Headquarters and in NBA and NCAA arenas across the US. Bona stains and finishes are low VOC, meaning no harmful fumes so there is no need to vacate your home or business.

  • Stain: The stain we use is made by Bona Kemi; a world leader in wood floor products. Bona's DriFast stains are available in 14 different colors that may be blended to create custom colors. They are designed to penetrate, stain, and seal bare wood with low odor and require only 2 hours drying before finishes can be applied.
  • Finishes: Over the years, wood floor finishes have progressed in durability, dry time, clarity, and reduced VOC emissions. In the 1970's, water based finished were introduced and have overtaken the market for virtually every reason. Environmentally friendly, low odor, non-yellowing, and harder than traditional finishes, reasons abound for the use of these latest generations of finishes.
  • Machines: Among the best in the world, Bona machines are made to exacting specifications and are used by professionals everywhere. From edger's and belt sanders to their dust collection systems, these machines are designed to work together to create a work of art in your home.
  • Sanding produces vast amounts of dust and in days gone by, homes would need to be cleaned after this procedure. At Trailboss Solutions we feel that dust containment is not an option but a vital aspect of our job. We utilize the latest in dust collection technology that virtually eliminates airborne dust, which minimizes clean-up headaches and reduces airborne particulates that can be harmful to your health. No dust trapped in air vents or permeating your home and no need to vacate the home during the process.
  • Wood: As you know living in Alaska has its challenges. Many types of wood are available in the state however, some may require a few weeks to be shipped in from out of state. All woods are unique and each has its own characteristics and appeal, from straight hard bamboo to curvy, soft American cherry. We strive to use only reputable manufactures and distributors to bring you the best flooring products that are offered.

Flooring Information

To protect your new investment install felt pads on furniture and place mats at the entrances, avoiding any with rubber backs, which can alter the color of the floor. Maintaining your floor is the easiest way to keep it in top shape for many years to come. Regular sweeping or vacuuming and using a floor cleaner recommended, will greatly extend the life of your wood flooring.

Seasonal humidity can cause wood to expend and contract which may cause minor cracks to appear and disappear. Keeping humidity from fluctuation beyond 10 -20% will help reduce these effects.

If you change a color scheme or remodel your home, re-sanding and staining your floor can be an easy and inexpensive way to work with your new look.

Remember that wood is a natural product and variety in each brand is not only normal, but desirable. We cull any boards with defects, but the beauty of each individual board is in the hallmark of a real wood floor.

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