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Five Ways to Improve the Design of a Standard 8'x5' Bathroom

The most common bathroom size measures 8 by 5 feet. You may think there is not a lot of options to improve upon this space, but you might be surprised at what you can accomplish with a unique bathroom remodel. Read more..

The Free Standing Staircase Trend

As open floor plans continue to increase in popularity, so does the preference for free standing stairs. These stairs work well in both residential and commercial properties, maximizing square footage and adding much aesthetic appeal to any space. If you are building a new home or remodeling the one you already live in, you should definitely consider the advantages to be gained by incorporating free standing stairs into your design. Here's a quick look at the top characteristics of these stairs as well as a few trends that are becoming increasingly popular. Read more..

8 Lessons on Renovating a House from Someone Who's Living It

Living in a construction site and sharing the role of general contractor and work crew is going to give you a lot of extremes. The extremes of irritation. But also the extremes of appreciation for a part of your partner that you might not ever experience otherwise. These tips will help reduce stress while living in your house during a renovation. Read more..

Homeowner's Workbook: How to Remodel Your Kitchen

You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen. Now what? Here are 9 steps to a kitchen remodel, from gathering design ideas through construction and final review. Read more..

Homeowner's Workbook: How to Remodel Your Bathroom

With the help of a professional contractor who will take care of the construction and installation processes, there are still steps for the homeowner to take. Create a vision, make a budget, choose your style and materials, hire the right professionals, and get it done on time! Read more..

Your Guide to a Smooth-Running Construction Project

Remodeling, building new, or any other construction project are not easy tasks. Between the time consumption, money spending, and decision making, you do not have enough sanity to focus on your work/life balance. This guide will help you be stress free through the entire process. Read more..

How to Stick to Your Remodeling Goals

It’s easy to get lost in the remodeling abyss, with the overwhelming questions and decisions, and the pressure to create a budget and stick to it. Here are some tips on how to avoid getting sucked into headache situations, therefore making you satisfied with your overall remodel results. Read more..

What to Know About Controlling Dust During Remodeling

Keeping the dust at bay during a renovation can be tough- not to mention the potential hazard it can be to your health. Here are some tips on how to keep it under control during your renovation project and on the peak of this allergy season. Read more..


How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

After the initial dreaming stage for your bathroom remodel, the same question always gets asked. How much does a bathroom remodel cost? This article will give you a good idea of what goes into the price of remodeling your bathroom. Read more..


9 Surprising Considerations for a Bathroom Remodel

In a world of do-it-yourself projects, it is easy to dream of the perfect bathroom. However, these dreams can be haulted by practical realities. It is important to consider a few things before setting your heart on a specific bathroom remodeling trend. Check out this great article that highlights a few things to consider before starting your bathroom remodel. Read more...


The Process of Whole House Remodels

Are bored with the look of your house from the many years spent in it? It might be time for you to remodel your home and breathe a new live into it. What more, you will also increase its market value! Read more...


Top 3 summer projects for your home

Now is the best time to get some remodeling projects done for your home, since Alaska’s short summer is finally here. In the specific Alaskan climate, summer is the best time for your home remodeling projects. Read more...


Making Second Story Home Additions

If you need extra space because of a growing family, or for whatever other reason, you may need to rip off the roof of your home to add a second story. It can be cheaper than building a new and larger home and you can continue to stay in your favorite neighborhood for longer. It can seem a daunting task, however, and here we make the task easier by going into the process of 2nd story home additions in some detail. Read more...


How to Start Your Kitchen Remodel Process

So, you've decided to remodel your kitchen. This type of remodeling project can be incredibly exciting at first, however, once the initial excitment wears off, you are often left with what seems like a daunting task. How do you begin this remodeling project? Here is a great step by step guide of how to start a kitchen remodel. Read more...

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