How to Avoid Home Remodeling Disasters

How to Avoid Home Remodeling Disasters

Your home is likely the most significant financial investment that you will make in your lifetime. Maintaining, updating or remodeling your home to better fit your lifestyle as a family grows and changes will likely be another significant investment of money, time and effort.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Great care needs to be exercised in choosing the remodel contractor for your home. Your first and best form of protection is to choose a reputable contractor / remodel firm that is fully licensed (General Contractor’s license with a Residential Endorsement), bonded and insured (General liability / Auto / Workers Compensation). These criteria are for solely for your protection, the protection of your home and financial investment. Look for a company with an established business history and ask for references or check their feedback profiles on Houzz, Google or Facebook.

Hire a Professional Contractor

As any remodel project can quickly become a significant undertaking, and is not nearly as easy as they make it look on TV, it is best to hire a professional home remodeling company such as Trailboss Solutions. Remodeling your own home might seem like a way to save some money, but without proper knowledge, training, tools and equipment, you may find yourself quickly in over your head and in a very tough spot, physically and financially. It is much better to leave such things to professionals who have plenty of experience in remodeling homes.

Budgeting For Your Remodeling Project

Be realistic with your budget, check out the Cost vs. Value link on our website for some of the national / regional average costs for several common remodels as well as the average return on your investment. Setting a realistic budget is a critical step. Once a realistic budget is in place it is a good rule of thumb to set aside contingency funds equal to 10-15% of your budget. This is for any hidden and unforeseen damages or conditions that might exist and may only be known once demolition is complete. Or, you may decide to upgrade the level of finishes or add additional scope of work, it is nice to have reserves as minds change as you see the project come to life.

The Scope of Your Remodeling Project

Work with a contractor that provides a detailed scope of work including detailed allowances for finish materials. If the contractor is unwilling to provide a detailed scope of work and a detailed finish / fixtures allowances, find one that does. The details are protection for both you and the contractor so that details are specified and not assumed. At Trailboss Solutions we provide a very detailed scope of work and contract documents with fixture and finish allowances clearly stated so that you know what you are getting before the project even starts. This detail allows you the information that is necessary to make financial decisions and avoid any unexpected surprises that seem commonplace with contractors that provide little or no detail.

Making a Decision

If you have a kitchen or bath remodel or maybe something more significant such as an addition to the home or a whole home remodel, you will be spending a fair amount of time with the contractor, their staff and sub-contractors. You will want to make sure that the contractor is a good fit. You will want to remember that the lowest bid does not always represent the best value. The lowest bid may not include all of the scope of work that has been requested and without the right details, you will not know until it is too late. The best value is represented by the Contractor who provides the necessary detail, and whose quality standards and ethics stand above the rest.

Trailboss Solutions is fully licensed, bonded and insured, is locally respected, has been nationally recognized as a Top500 Remodeling firm in the Nation 7 years running and we have the experienced professionals to get your remodel complete on time and on budget.