Ralston Custom Home

I am writing to you to let you know just how much Dede and I appreciated the work performed by you and the great team of people you have at Trailboss Solutions, before, during and after the construction of our new home.

When we were working through the design process we researched and spoke with several custom home builders, including yourself. You took the time to meet with us at the old house and thoroughly interview us regarding what we wanted in the new home, what we liked in the old home, what worked and what did not, truly taking into consideration our wants, needs and desires for our new home. You offered valuable and honest input that was greatly appreciated; you were not another "yes man". I cannot say that we received that level of questioning or engagement from anyone else, with your attention to detail and sincere interest in what we wanted, you began earning our trust that very first evening.

I was truly impressed with the level of detail in the construction proposal that you provided. It was like no other. Each part of the house, every room, was broken down line by line eliminating the financial risk we felt by the "square foot" only pricing and the lack of detail that we received from the other builders. Your detailed proposal gave us the confidence in the information that we needed to make sound financial decisions and select you, Trailboss Solutions as our builder. In fact, the only "Change Orders" we received were for the additional work and upgrades in the finishes that we requested. Even the change orders were detailed and we clearly understood the additional costs for the additional work that was requested.

I appreciated the monthly assessment that we completed that clearly demonstrated the work that had been accomplished and that both parties agreed on the progress of the project and the associated billing each month. Not only was I surprised, but impressed that we never had a disagreement the entire project.

Dede and I were excited about building the new home but were also concerned as we had heard many horror stories from friends and family. Your team made the process fun and exciting and we really enjoyed walking the project each week, chatting with your team and seeing our dream home come to life. Dede has even stated that she enjoyed the process so much that as long as it was with Trailboss, she'd build another home in a heartbeat. I will tell you that receiving comments like that from a General's wife is no easy task…

Very simply and to the point, while the quality of the work was superb and we are very pleased with the final product, our home, I really appreciate the fact that Trailboss Solutions as a firm, and as individuals, have a great work ethic and impeccable integrity.

Scott, any time, any place, if you need a reference, have your client call me.

—Joseph Ralston, General, USAF Retired

Jarnagin Roof Repair

This is to convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to you and the entire Trailboss Solutions organization for the creative and professional manner in which you carried out extensive repairs to my storm-damaged roof. The way you stretched your services, from what appeared initially to be a relatively straight-forward roof resurfacing all the way to a complete overlay and re-soffit construction project, speaks volumes for your contracting expertise. Your consults with the manufacturer of the damaged architectural panels that formed the original roof and with local structural engineers were most comprehensive, and made sure we arrived at the best and most cost effective course of action.

As the project moved forward, your staff's accurate analysis and documentation when more extensive damage was uncovered set the stage for 100% successful initial and supplemental insurance claims. The fact that you made yourself and your financial staff available over a period of several months to directly answer detailed and time-consuming insurance company requests for information was definitely above the call of duty.

I would also like to commend the outstanding work of Shawn Rudnick, your on-site Project Superintendent. Shawn followed through at every construction stage with a professional presence among the various work crews, and his insights into the best ways to carry out the rebuild were most appreciated. I have no doubt that his accurate written cause and effect summary of our final chosen course of action was also instrumental in documenting the case for the insurer.

Most important of all, the structural and aesthetic results of Trailboss Solutions' repairs to my home are exceptional. Thank you.

—J.D. Jarnagin, Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

Advent Lutheran Church

This letter is written as a character reference for Mr. Scott Allen for the superb and excellent work he has done for the people of Advent Lutheran Church, Snohomish, Washington. We have found Scott to be a man of honest and forthright integrity. He is down-home honest in a trade that unfortunately has a reputation for people who are less than so. He was intentional, thoughtful and thorough as he worked with our congregation on design and installation of a cross on the top of our new church building.

Mr. Allen was thoughtful in design. Drawing from the intent of the architect of our building some 25 years earlier, he was able to integrate the design of our cross to match the rest of our structure. The cross was placed upon a difficult precipice on our roof line. An original cast iron frame had to be created and installed on the roof so that the cross would stand upright without distracting guide wires.

Mr. Allen was attentive to the work he did for us. It was the last project that he completed prior to his move to Alaska. After he moved north, he heard of a large wind storm that hit our area of the state last fall. He was quick to call and check out how everything he had built had weathered the storm. And of course, it weathered it well. The cross was an anchor, just as he designed it to function (both literally and theologically).

From our experience, if you hire Mr. Allen to do work for your company/congregation you will receive the best in skill, honesty, attention to detail and excellence. He is a man who weaves his faith into his ethics of life.

I highly recommend Mr. Allen for your construction and remodeling needs.

Andrews Remodel

I wanted to take the time to thank you and your very professional and knowledgeable team at Trailboss Solutions for taking me through the process of designing, remodeling and building an addition to my home.

It was important for me to work with one company that could handle all of the aspects from design conception, interior finishes, detailed planning to complete construction. My appreciation to Amy, you and the crew for all of the informative meetings and solutions to various challenges that arose throughout the project, it only validated my decision to have Trailboss Solutions as my contractor. The instant feedback from you and your team regarding construction and having Amy's eye for esthetics and design proved to be invaluable. Together we were able to hammer out cost effective solutions to the design and construction challenges without altering my visions for my home. I know that it was not an easy task considering my house Was built in 1963!

I don't think that it is possible to decide which room is my favorite. Amy's innovative layout for my new master bath is gorgeous while the kitchen design provides me with more than enough space for a "crew of caters" yet intimate enough for my family gatherings. The design & construction team put a lot of thought, planning and detail into functionality, lighting, and mixing some of the old with the new. The finishes proposed and used are timeless.

I now have a beautiful house that I love to come home to after my travels or a day at the office. It's the perfect layout for my entertaining needs. but is still cozy enough for a night at home with a glass of wine and a good book!

Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

Thank you all!!

—Eleanor Andrews

Nicoles Remodel

Dear Scott, Amy, William, and especially Rick,

Thank you do much for all the attention you gave our remodelling project. We appreciated your balancing act amidst changes, upheavals, and setbacks.

We want to especially thank Rick for his good patience, good humor, kind regards for our home life, and especially his preserverance and hard work to see this project through to the end.

With much appreciation,

—Carolyn & Jon Nickles

Girdwood Triplex

Scott, Just a note to say:

Thanks so much for your time, energy, and professional help! I am very appreciative!! Please let Bob know I appreciate his services as well, look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sincerely, Cheryl Wika, Girdwood Triplex

Tanner Office & Kitchen Remodel

Thank you all for the great work you did for us this year! We love the office and our new kitchen! It has been a pleasure to work with you all!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

—The Tanners

Younger Remodel

Hi Jana and Shawn,

Wanted to let you know what a great job Tyler is doing. Really enjoy his professionalism and all around nice guy. I have learned a great deal during this small renovation and one of the main pieces is to let you do your jobs. Definitely learning the value of everything you do.

Thanks so much. I really appreciate how neat and tidy Tyler is and his dedication to the job not to mention the great care he is taking for Harley our golden retriever. You have some great people working for you and we really appreciate their professionalism.

Thanks Again,
—Janet Younger

Thorson Remodel

Dear Mr. Allen:

I am writing to you to let you know just how much I appreciate the work your team did for my wife Vonjia and me. In the spirit of full disclosure, Vonjia and I have known Jana Sada since she was a young girl, and she was the reason we came to Trailboss Solutions in the first place. That said, the rest of your team has earned my respect and I am sure we will be doing business in the future not only because of Jana's capabilities, but also because your crew was so good to work with. Clearly these guys are not your ordinary, average, everyday construction crew. They are head and shoulders above that!

As a designer Jana really understands what your clients want. She also is very good at working through unreasonable desires your client may have as well as figuring out how to get everyone on the client side on the same sheet of music.

Jana's design skills are very good. She knows what is current, and can match the client's lifestyle with very practical solutions. In this project, we had a pretty good idea what we wanted in very basic terms. Jana was able to take those concepts and flesh out the details in a way that we could get the exact products on order. Jana added a huge amount of value by talking us through our plans and desires to end up with a design that is not only very functional, but just stunning to look at. You should be very proud of the work she does for you.

Vonjia was our primary point of contact with your crew. All through the project, your people treated her with respect and went the extra mile to make her happy. She loved working with your folks.

Sean was our project manager. He worked hard to be sure the project stayed on track most of the way. I really liked his approach to the job. In my professional life, my company delivers complex projects to customers, so when I see someone doing things the way Sean works, I am pleased. He took a no-nonsense approach to getting things done and issues managed and in the process kept the drama to a minimum.

The real star of the show was Tyler Dwight. He really is a craftsman, and I think you are fortunate that he works with you. The work he did throughout the entire job was great. He worked hard to get things done during the day and at the end of the day cleaned things up very nicely so Vonjia and I could continue to live in our home as the project work was done.

As complicated as this project was, I can only recall one mistake. Mistakes are only problems when they are handled poorly. In this case, Tyler handled it very professionally, and without effort on my part, he made things right for me. Making a mistake and then fixing it correctly impresses me more than never making the mistake in the first place.

The part of his work that comes to mind for me as really outstanding is the creative way he handled our woodstove installation. That part of the project was fairly complicated, and required a fair number of changes on the fly, as these sorts of projects often times do. Tyler carefully and thoroughly explained what his solutions and suggestions were and answered my questions clearly and in detail. At the end of the day, our living room and bathroom are far better as a result of his doing the work than I could have possibly expected.

In closing, I just wanted to be sure you know what a great team you have. I know as the owner of my own company, I usually don't get this sort of insight when things go well. It seems like whenever something bad happens, I'm the first to know about it. When something really good like the project Vonjia and I did with Trailboss Solutions happens, I don't often find out about it. I thought you should know.

Thanks for having the right people working on my project. I am looking forward to the next opportunity we have to work together.

—Scott Thorson

Steve & Tracie Remodel

We had Trailboss do a complete remodel in our kitchen, dining room, and living room. We had a great experience, many thanks to Jana for making all of the design decisions easy. Also thanks to Shawn and Harley for making the house look so great.

Things were done on time and in budget, the crew cleaned up everyday and we are absolutely ecstatic with the way it all turned out.

I would highly recommend Trailboss.

—Steve and Tracie W.

Eberhardt Remodel

THANKS Scott—really appreciate it.

Cannot tell you how much fun it is for Maureen and I to walk down to the house and see the progress each day.

We are just tickled pink—and working with you guys has been wonderful.

Thanks again,

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